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MP3s that really work

Key Hypnosis downloads are specially formulated recordings developed from clinical hypnosis research. Each recording is professionally produced to achieve changes to last a lifetime. Each hypnosis download is designed for maximum effect and each suggestion is carefully formulated to give you outstanding results.


Key Hypnosis downloads often produce profound effects, even in people who have tried everything else and had no success before. These hypnotherapy recordings are designed to be listened to more than once. Because of the metaphoric nature of the visualizations you may hear different things and find different meanings each time you use them. The metaphor is designed to create a continuous subtle change that accumulates into major change.


The best hypnosis downloads on the Internet - original, tested, effective hypnotherapy.


The No postage or delivery charges You get a download code emailed to you and you just download the files straight to your computer. Easy and quick.

You can play the MP3 files on your computer, burn to an audio CD, or copy to your MP3 player.


More than a 1000 professional hypnotherapists use these scripts. Now you can download the same thing on an MP3 at a fraction the cost.


You win both ways. Not only are these hypnosis downloads better, they are cheaper too!


Stress Release Therapy


Healing Cloud recordingThe Healing Cloud - A stress reduction download of relaxing into a cloud and viewing things from a different perspective. Visualize floating on a cloud of relaxation and sinking down into blissful rest as you leave your worries behind. Great for removing stress.

This hypnotherapy track reduces stress by using a metaphor for letting go, letting you visualize your life from a distance, something you can put into perspective. The recording allows you to dissociate from what is worrying you so you can focus on what matters. The gentle trance takes you away from your day to day issues, sets them aside and lets you relax away your stress.
Then the gentle 'drifting' 'floating' imagery takes you to a cloud of calm and healing. From there you look down on all the things in your past and see what is important and and what is not. And while that is going on your mind is working at healing what troubles you. Download this hypnosis MP3 and feel your stress float away.





Catalogue of Magic Hypnotherapy

Catalogue of Magic recording

The Catalogue of Magic - this powerful hypnosis download is an extended metaphor to help those who have had a difficult upbringing, it lets them realize that they are free to reassemble the parts of their past into something more resourceful. The MP3 script takes you into a hypnotic dream where you try different ways of putting together the pieces of your life.

This metaphor uses a common experience, looking through a merchandise catalogue. It leads into trance and then gives the listener several ways to change their own past and to create a new future. The basic metaphor is 'no matter what happened to make you what you are now... it can be changed'. This metaphor is one answer to 'How can I change myself?'.

The recording starts with a visualization induction to put you into trance. Then it takes you to several different places in the book. One page offers the opportunity to paint your life the way you want it to be. Another page is about gardening, and allows you plant a magic garden. One page is about how to create a mosaic of your experience and lets you keep rearranging the bits until you get a pattern you like. One page lets you pick and choose from the strands of who you are, so that you can weave those strands into a new garment for yourself.

A magical hypnosis download that will change your outlook forever.





Hypnotherapy for Relaxing your mind


Relaxation Island recordingRelaxation Island - Hypnotherapy relaxation to get rid of anxiety. Teaches you how to let go and enjoy things, and take a bird's eye perspective of matters, and what doesn't.

This hypnosis download uses a visualization of a relaxing vacation to a tropical island. With this guided relaxation session you go into a luxurious state of self hypnosis. The relaxation therapy guides you gently to the perfect place to relax and enjoy the suggestions of peace and calm and letting go of stress.

As you relax the visualization guides your mind gently deeper and deeper until your worries wash away in the warm blue sea. By following along with the relaxation you learn how to stop racing thoughts, and empty your mind.

The first part is the induction that lays you out ready to relax, then the suggestions work on removing stress and anxiety, and the final part of the recording teaches self hypnosis and more deep relaxation.

Learn to let go of racing thoughts and anxieties. As good as a vacation. If you think you need a good break then download this Relaxing Hypnosis MP3.





Hypnosis Visualization Therapy


Spirit of Time recordingThe Spirit of Time - A hypnosis download for a spiritual journey to find wisdom from those who have gone before. This download consists of a hypnosis visualization taking you back to the past where where you learn what your ultimate goal is and how to achive the things you need.

You travel back into the past over a bridge where your ancestors are waiting. They pass something on to you and you then start a new journey. This takes you through various places where you are tested to overcome the things that have been holding you back. Finally you reach your destination where you uncover what the future has in store for you.

This metaphor is spiritual and guiding. Hypnotherapy allows your mind to find parallels with your current situation and your unconscious gets the resources you need to succeed.

Start your personal journey with this mystical hypnosis download.






Stop Teeth Grinding Hypnotherapy


Teeth GrindingStop Teeth Grinding - A gentle hypnotherapy MP3 that works with your unconscious mind to help you relax your jaw muscles, get a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed.

Hypnosis can stop teeth grinding (bruxism). Teeth grinding symptoms include headaches, sore jaw, worn teeth. The underlying cause is anxiety. Often the habit started in childhood and although the original anxiety has long gone, the habit remains. This MP3 works by treating the source of the anxiety, but also works directly on the physical habit by subconsciously relaxing the jaw muscles during the night.

Your subconscious mind s becomes aware of when you are grinding your teeth and gently interrupts the tension. Although you don't know you are doing it in your sleep, your subconscious mind does know, and the power of hypnosis works to prevent your jaws coming together during sleep.

A hypnosis Download to end the habit while you sleep.






Hypnosis downloads avoid postage and delivery costs. You can play the MP3 on your computer, burn to an audio CD, or copy to your audio player.


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