Hypnotism and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotism is powerful and used every day to fix many problems. If you are thinking about having hypnosis this section shows you what hypnosis has been used for, and how it has worked for past clients at Wellington Hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy explained Hypnosis is a quick and simple way to end a range of problems. It is mostly used for stopping smoking and losing weight, but can also deal with lack of confidence, anger, jealousy, relationship problems and much more.

Everyone can go into hypnosis and everyone can benefit. The hypnotist is simply guiding you to use your own natural healing ability. A session takes about an hour, and you can drive home or go back to work afterwards.


This section explains how hypnosis works, what hypnotherapy is, and gives some examples of how Wellington Hypnosis has helped other people. Hypnosis is very effective. Hypnosis is safe and has no side effects at all.

Does Hypnosis Work?

Does hypnosis work? Personal Issues Success cases of hypnosis used for personal needs.

Personal Testimonials

Stories of success

Successful Hypnosis casesHypnosis Examples: So many things that hypnosis can deal with successfully.

Typical Cases

Your First Hypnosis Session

typical first sessionWhat happens in a typical first session between the client and the hypnotist.

1st hypnotherapy session

Stop Smoking Cases

Stop SmokingHypnosis to stop smoking Personal testimonials from clients who stopped.
Stop Smoking Cases

Weight Loss Examples

Weight loss cases Hypnosis to lose weight What clients say about hypnosis and the results they got.

Weight loss cases

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