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Wellington Hypnosis


Wellington Hypnotherapy is located in Central Hutt, near the Westfield Mall. I have been working professionally in Wellington for seven years.


I look forward to meeting you.


Email info@key-hypnosis.com

Call: 029 773 4400 all day

Skype: dave-mason-key-hypnosis


Hypnosis Office

Consulting Room

Hypnosis Chair


Hypnosis Waiting room

Waiting Room


Wellington Hypnotherapy treats hundreds of people each year. For testimonials check the cases below. A session usually takes about an hour and a half and costs $120. This is slightly more than most hypnotherapists, but if you want the best you need to consider whether getting one session that actually works is better than getting charged for several sessions that don't work.


Modern facilities

Easy Parking

Appointments on weekends


Testimonials: Does Hypnosis Work?
Results: Weight Loss Examples


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What other clients say:

"I just want to thank you again for how you helped Ryan. After the session we went out for lunch and he had venison and red wine sausages, and has tried something new every day! Its amazing what you do :) Many thanks Steph "

Hypnotherapist Wellington

      David Mason PhD

To Make an


Lower Hutt hypnosis office

20 Daly Street

Lower Hutt

4th Floor

David Mason

Cell 029 773 4400

Tel (04) 478-4100




hypnosis office entrance

Office Entrance


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Wellington HypnotherapyIf you want to ask anything about hypnotherapy feel free to call or if you don't see your problem listed here. Talking to a professional at Wellington Hypnotherapy is usually the best way to find out if hypnosis can help you.
Call today there is no obligation, and it might be the start of a whole new life for you.


email: > info@key-hypnosis.com

Call Dave Mason > 029 773 4400.



Wellington HypnotherapyDavid Mason is an experienced and highly qualified hypnotherapist with a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Victoria University Wellington. He initially trained in clinical hypnosis in Auckland and since then has developed skills in many other therapies.

David Mason is highly regarded in the community and is regularly consulted for advice by other hypnotherapists in NZ and overseas. He lectures on hypnotherapy at international conferences and has published on hypnosis and advanced hypnotherapy.

Doctor Mason also holds a PhD (the highest degree a university can grant) from Massey University, and an advanced Masters degree from the London School of Economics (one of the top five universities in the world).


Skype Consultations

Wellington HypnotherapyThanks to Skype it is now possible to have a consultation with Wellington Hypnotherapy without having to travel. If you are not able to visit Wellington Hypnotherapy in person then perhaps a session on Skype is the answer.

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Wellington HypnotherapyYou can pay your Wellington Hypnotherapy session by cash, cheque, internet banking or with a credit card. I do not have EFTPOS.

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MP3 Downloads

Download HypnotherapyYou can download powerful therapy recordings and use these hypnotic visualizations over and over. Each is carefully formulated to deal with aspects of your life.

Hypnotherapy Downloads MP3




Wellington Hypnosis Gift Vouchers

Wellington HypnosisYou can order a Wellington Hypnotherapy Gift Voucher for someone you think just needs a bit of incentive to do something like stop smoking, lose weight or get more confidence. Wellington Hypnotherapy gift vouchers are a great present. Your family member or friend can spend their voucher on any type of treatment. Vouchers are non-refundable and can be used anytime up to three years. You can purchase your voucher online, and you can have the voucher sent to an address with a special gift card. Or it can be supplied as a PDF so you can email it for a present with your good wishes. A lovely idea for a friend who needs confidential help.


029 773 4400